Dec 15

An Overview of an Athletic Field Design

Are you collaborating with a client who’s planning a sports field or outdoor athletic complex?

CR Studio Design can help you design the perfect playing field for community soccer tournaments or a professional sporting facility. We use premium materials that can extend the lifespan of your new field, and only the best quality products the industry has to offer. In the end, your clients’ design will result in a professional athletic field that’s safe for athletes and enjoyable for spectators.

Since there are many aspects involved in creating a sports complex, it helps to know what details you should start thinking about. Below is an overview of athletic field design and how to create the perfect field.

Surface Materials

One of your first considerations is the surface material, which usually includes natural or artificial turf, asphalt or rubber. The material you choose depends on the types of sports that will be played on the field.

Other factors that will influence the surface material are the level of impact on the field and the number of people who will be using the field. Sports like football and soccer have a high impact on the surface, which means the field will wear down quickly. Synthetic turf requires less maintenance than regular grass and is resistant to heavy usage.

Sports Field Design with Custom Logos

Graphics and Logos

If you do choose to go with synthetic turf, your clients can enjoy another benefit: custom graphics and logos. CR Studio Design offers custom design capabilities to bring your athletic field to life. Pick the color, logo, team name, etc. that works best for your client’s field or sports complex. Turf is also available in various lengths and colors.


Research the climate of where your client will build their sports field. If the field is going in a dry, desert-like area, artificial turf is a great option because it doesn’t need to be watered. Wet climates and low-lying areas also need special consideration for drainage accommodations. Ask about built-in drainage systems that will eliminate puddles, mud and ice from your field. Another important aspect regarding climate is for landscaping and planting selections for entrances, parking lots and possible concession areas.

Tennis Court Design with Spectator Seating

Spectator Seating

It’s important for athletes to be comfortable on the field, but don’t overlook the spectators. The more accessible and accommodating your athletic field is, the more people will want to come out and watch their favorite teams play.

Take some time to look over your different options for spectator seating such as bleachers, grandstands and press boxes. CR Studio Design lets you tailor any of our seating options to your client’s design and capacity needs. Consider shade over spectator seating areas for those long hot days spent watching sporting events. Guests will be more comfortable out of the direct sun and stay cooler longer.

Vendor Space

An often-overlooked piece of sports field design is the vendor space. Be sure to provide adequate space for vendors who will be attending your sporting events, such as those selling sports equipment, promotional gear and food. This brings competition to your venue and drives in revenue.

Recreational Space Design with Basketball and Tennis Court Equipment


No athletic field is complete without the appropriate sports equipment. A scoreboard is the biggest item to have on your list, as no sports court or training facility is complete without one. CR Studio Design has a vast selection of numeric LED scoreboards and LED video displays to fit your budget. Also ask about nets, goals, backstops, dugout benches, windscreens, backstops and more.

Ready to take the next step in an athletic field design for your client? Contact CR Studio Design to assist you create a professional recreation complex and source the best products and materials in the industry.