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The most effective strategy of designing athletic recreation facilities is to plan carefully, build only what is needed and maximize utilization. In doing so, sports field designers must be aware of emerging trends and technologies affecting both participation and construction. CR Design Studio can assist you design and build an athletic complex that meets the needs of your client with the best sports equipment in the industry.

While intercollegiate team competition remains the cornerstone of campus athletics, an increasing focus is being placed on recreation, health and fitness. Rising interest in individual life sports, such as running, swimming, aerobics and weight training has created new demands for recreation facilities.

Intramural and club sport participation has also increased, with interest in basketball and racquet sports at an all-time high. In addition, many cities, schools and colleges now have wellness centers—offering health promotion and preventive health programs.

We have soccer goals, volleyball nets, basketball goals, backstops, dugout benches, windscreens and other equipment to complete any sports field or recreation complex. And for your state-of-the-art athletic stadiums or college universities, you will also find various spectator seating options along with pressboxes and even shade to complete your project. Build sporting facilities communities will utilize and fans will love to see and experience.

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No athletic sports field, sports court, training facility or recreation complex is complete without a scoreboard. We have a comprehensive line of scoreboards for any sports court, athletic field, stadium or community recreation complex you design. Whether your facility needs a numeric LED scoreboard, or LED video display — or even a combination of the two; we have a scoreboard to fit your clients’ needs and budget for your existing sporting facility, or new construction.


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