Oct 24

Shelters 101: Choose the right shelter for your park playground or outdoor recreational space

Could your park, playground or outdoor recreational space benefit from a shelter? Outdoor shelters are great additions to common areas because they provide protection from the elements, comfort and privacy while improving the aesthetics of the space. You even have the option to customize the shelter based on its size, design and materials. No two shelters are alike, so you can use this as an opportunity to add architectural value to your park!

Playground and Public Park Shelter

As you begin the search for the right shelter for your park or playground, here is everything you need to know. For the purposes of this article, when we refer to shelters, we will be discussing non-fabric shade options.

Decide What Area You Want to Cover

Think about the area you want to cover. This will determine the size and shape of your shelter. For instance, do you want your shelter to cover rows of picnic tables? Benches and seating? Some people even choose to add an outdoor pavilion so that their location is attractive for public events.

If you’re not sure which area you want to cover, consider some of the practical advantages you’re hoping to get. Do you want to create a space that lets people get out of the sun and relax? Would you prefer to create a space that can be used for birthday parties, Girl Scout troops, class field trips and more?

Outdoor shelters can help divide your park or playground area into distinct sections that can be utilized by everyone in the community.

Choose the Material and Design

Custom Steel Outdoor Shelter

Between standard shapes and custom structures, CR Studio Design will help you choose the best material and design for your outdoor shelter. Wood is rustic and elegant – we highly recommend it for pavilions and amphitheaters. Metal is also a great choice. It’s durable and easy to maintain. Both wood and metal offer plenty of styles, configurations and finishes. Custom metal fabrication options are also available should your client have specific request for theme purposes or other aesthetic purpose.

You also have a variety of options when it comes to the design of the outdoor shelter. Some ideas to consider are:

  • Mini shelters
  • Hip shelters
  • Gable end shelters
  • Picnic shelters
  • Outdoor kiosks
  • Playground pergolas
  • Park gazebos
  • Pavilions and amphitheaters

Work with an Experienced Playground Equipment Supplier

Park Shelter from Playground Equipment Supplier

Whether you’re picking out new playground equipment or a park shelter to your outdoor recreation space, make sure that you work with a reputable company. Ask the park products representative about their experience, and request to see samples of their work. They should demonstrate their ability to create unique shelters for various needs and budgets.

CR Studio Design provides beautiful, functional park shelters for outdoor recreation spaces. We know that the right shelter can bring significant value to an outdoor space. It makes it more attractive and usable for all visitors, including churches, schools and other outdoor gathering places. To learn more about our options for outdoor shelters, contact our team today.