Custom Metal - Commercial Playground Design Architecture

Combine art, architecture and playfulness in a revolutionary way. Promote multigenerational play and fitness opportunities with safe and sustainable custom metal designs with a modern look.

Custom Metal Playground Design

Designing Custom Play Environments

Our products provide unlimited possibilities to create environments that encourage physical activity and unleash imagination. By combining different product groups, you can design a comprehensive whole, where play equipment, sports and site create unique recreational spaces with varied experience.


Creative Play Design

Rethink the play space with top-quality products and unique creative custom designs. We only use the best products in terms of use and durability. Play equipment is not just for PLAY, it is an expression of the community, it can tell a story or perhaps be considered art creating a unique destination.
Creative Metal Playground Design
Olives Shaped Metal Playground Structures
Marine Monster Shaped Metal Playground Structures
Books Shaped Metal Playground Structures
Coloso Shaped Metal Playground Structures

Design without Limits

With numerous possibilities for adaptation, geometric shapes, towers—it’s taking space. The old saying “seeing is believing” does not apply here. You just have to climb in to experience it for yourself! Cubes, cuboids, diamonds and curved forms can be used to design playgrounds of different shapes and functions.
Unique Metal Playground Design
Cube Shaped Metal Playground Structures
Metal Playground Design

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Design Files?

Check out our resource library that has all the pieces you need to download Autocad DWG and SketchUp files and start planning your dream vision.

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