Boulders & Nets - Commercial Playground Design Architecture

Adding boulders and nets to your outdoor recreational play space designs gives it a natural look and feel. Large boulders to scale, nets to climb and rope bridges to cross are perfect play components that add challenge to outdoor recreation spaces that blend nicely in nature.

Boulders & Nets for Playgrounds

Design with Nature in Mind

Whether it is an early childhood center or a neighborhood park that is looking for a natural play environment, or a custom designed obstacle course that requires boulders and nets to scale or jumping from rock to rock and balancing on a fallen log—our nature play design components can be used in a variety of applications. Freestanding or functionally linked design with nature in mind.


Nets for Commercial Playgrounds
Boulders for Commercial Playgrounds
Custom Nets for Playgrounds
Custom Boulders for Playgrounds

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