Frequently Asked Questions

What is CR Studio Design?

CR Studio Design, a division of Cunningham Recreation, was developed to cater to the landscape architect market and assist clients in the design of unique outdoor recreational spaces for families and individuals that promote physical activity and healthy communities, while creating a comfortable environment to enjoy with others.

How can CR Studio Design help me?

CR Design Studio can help our clients elevate their design concepts and stay ahead of the industry with new design trends in outdoor play and fitness, gathering spaces, city centers, streetscapes and master planning of communities.

How can I work with CR Design Studio?

Simply call our design consultant, Bill Patterson, at 800-438-2780 or email him at

Who’s the team behind CR Studio Design?

Designers, innovators and leaders with a keen eye for custom, practical pieces, that stay on the forefront of recreational design trends. Get to know us better here!

Can you provide us with drawings and the necessary product information to specify the products/manufacturers you represent?

Yes, we can provide drawings in various file types as we use CAD DETAILS.  *Coming Soon!* 

Do you do custom design for non-traditional play and fitness spaces?

Yes, we are able to provide our clients with innovative custom design concepts for unique play, fitness and recreational spaces.

What various product lines do you represent?

We represent 20+ manufacturers so we can provide our clients with the most up-to-date innovative play, site and sport products needed to create unique multigenerational outdoor play, fitness and recreational gathering spaces providing communities with one-of-a-kind experiences. Take a look here!

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