Bonded Rubber - Commercial Playground & Outdoor Fitness Space Safety Surfacing

With a commitment for safety, design and play value, safety surfacing has grown into an exciting and broad field of options for finishing commercial playground and fitness areas, aquatic environments, or sports fields. Bonded Rubber has a lot of natural properties that provide excellent shock absorption, has adequate impact attenuation and provides the natural look of loose fill safety surfacing but without the disadvantages of displacement. Using larger rubber particles than Poured in Place (PIP) Rubber, Bonded Rubber is an attractive, seamless unitary playground and outdoor fitness safety surface that uses clean recycled shredded rubber tires.

High accessibility, natural look

Often, Bonded Rubber provides a lower cost option than other unitary surfaces. The product is porous, allowing water to flow through it. The Bonded Rubber surface type also remains unaffected by temperature and is generally slip-resistant.

Installation is key. Bonded Rubber is a single layer installation and can be done quicker than other unitary fitness and play safety surfaces. However, it will still require a skilled technical crew that is trained in the proper installation of the material. With Bonded Rubber, the thickness can be customized on site to meet your commercial play equipment’s critical fall height and can vary within the playground, saving you money.

Using Bonded Rubber safety surfacing is a great option for highly accessible paths within the commercial playground, external walkways and even trails or pathways. Some maintenance is required to keep high traffic areas sealed.


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