Oct 11

5 Tips to Enhance the Appeal of a City Park

Parks and playgrounds are huge assets to urban spaces, as they provide a safe place for socialization and physical activity, as well as keep residents connected. When people are given the opportunity to be in nature and breathe in the fresh air, they become happier, healthier individuals. Who wouldn’t want this for their community?

To ensure your client’s city or neighborhood community is utilizing their green spaces, here are five tips that will help you enhance them. If you’re ever unsure of how to elevate your city parks and playgrounds, ask the community! Community residents can tell you what their wants and needs are. Encourage your clients to reach out to residents and civic organizations within that community. Community buy in is essential and makes project goals so much easier.

1. Add Playful Art

One of the reasons why people love living in cities is because they have easy access to cultural programs, live entertainment and attractions. Give your city park a redo by adding elements of playful art, water fountains, monuments and statues. You can even use this opportunity to highlight the history of the city, whether it was a significant event or how the city was founded.

2. Try a Custom Playground Structure

Custom Playground Design Architecture

Another way to enhance the appeal of your city park is by choosing a custom playground structure. No other playground will be like yours! Here at CR Studio Design, we admire the Bespoke playgrounds from Lappset and the custom design capabilities of artists at Landmark Design. You can easily bring any story to life with their custom park and playground equipment solutions. From giant spiders and dinosaurs, to lighthouses, castles, spaceships or corn mazes, you can have a unique playground structure made just for your community!

3. Offer Water Play

Water Playground Equipment

Give families a place to cool off in the hot summer months with a splash pad or add a fountain that dances to music and lights up. Parents love taking their children to splash pads because they’re low cost or free, and they provide a safer alternative to busy swimming pools. Municipalities can add fountains and other playful water features at various park or playground locations to increase interest and visitors. CR Studio Design has plenty of options for water equipment, including dumping buckets, water cannons, sprays, misters and small bubblers.

4. Provide Interactive Play

Interactive Playground Equipment

Adding interactive play elements is another way to spruce things up. Not only are interactive play and sports products unique, but also, they appeal to older children and families as well. For example, the outdoor Yalp Fono DJ Booth allows kids to play music right from their phones. You can use this DJ booth to create a safe and welcoming spot for older kids and tweens to hang out with their friends. Great for college campuses, skate parks and outdoor shopping centers.

5. Add New and Different Amenities

Maybe your client’s city park has been rather deserted, and you want to draw more people that way. Updating the equipment, putting down new surfacing and improving the amenities (new park benches and tables) will have a dramatic effect. But what about adding new different amenities like a dog park, outdoor fitness area or challenge course the whole family can enjoy. You’ll draw in more people, plus give your space a new identity.

Enhance Your City Park Today!

Are you ready to transform your client’s city park into something exciting and attractive? These five tips will help you bring your next park project to life while catering to the growing needs of community residents. Contact CR Studio Design to discuss your ideas for water play, custom playground structures and more! We have it all – and we are known for taking basic city parks and turning them into magnificent works of play and art!