Dog Park Furnishings

Off-leash commercial dog parks and playgrounds are one of the fastest growing types of parks in cities across the nation. Yes, even our four-legged friends need to get out of the house to get some exercise and play in a safe and secure environment. Build attractive and fun places for pets and their families to exercise, socialize and enjoy nature. Commercial dog parks may be built as stand-alone parks or incorporated into existing larger parks. They are highly attractive to playground visitors and often heavily used by residents and destination visitors. From dog agility courses to canine courtyards, we have the right dog park amenities for your design.

Dog Park Furnishings

Dog Agility Courses & Amenities

Agility courses are a popular trend in dog park design. Dog park design courses that promote exercise and interaction between owners and dogs using popular agility obstacles for all ability and confidence levels. The beauty of dog agility courses is that they are fully customizable, and they help keep dogs interested and engaged at parks. By adding an agility course to one section of a commercial playground and providing open play areas in other sections, playground designers can provide some natural separation for dogs with different activity levels or temperaments. Help communities become more pet-friendly with design solutions for dog parks, dog furnishings, dog agility courses, and off-leash areas.

Looking for something a bit more natural?

For a more nature-inspired dog park design, use these handcrafted agility components that look like real logs, tree stumps and boulders. This is an easy way to incorporate pet play activities that complement the natural environment.

Dog Park Concepts

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