Playful Landscapes & Water

Playful landscape type play spaces often become popular parks, drawing visitors from other areas because they are different by design and have non-typical play equipment creating those one-of-kind experiences.

Play like no one’s watching

Playful landscapes can be defined as play spaces that offer a wide range of open-ended play options and allow people to be creative and use their imagination.



Playful landscapes can look and feel like a natural environment; using rocks and boulders, or even mounds, combined with nets and ropes for climbing.


Play spaces with slopes encourage free play and provide opportunities for safe risk taking and challenges.

Hillside Slides

Most designs incorporate the topography of the land where they are building the play space adding another element of play. For example, a hillside slide or terraced play elevation change.


Push the boundaries of traditional play by offering unique play opportunities throughout the play space.

Play Sculptures

Recreational spaces can include pieces of playful art or play sculptures. Add a touch of theme or a decorative look to any play or outdoor gathering space for aesthetics. 

Outdoor Musical Instruments

Music is an expressive language that connects people in a profound way. The act of experiencing music facilitates a broad range of healthy development, including cognitive, emotional and social growth.


A recreational area designed specifically for interactive water play is a dream for children. Unlike swimming or wading pools, aquatic playgrounds are designed to have no standing water. These areas can be themed or not, and improve public spaces and provide an ideal setting for family recreation.

Spray Features

We offer a wide variety of surface spray features from those that mist, bubble, gush or jump out of the ground. Surface sprays are a big hit with younger children, while misting features provide comfort and a chance to cool down on really hot days.


We develop innovative aquatic play environments by using water features as significant, statement design elements. Metal art water features, lighted fountains or fountains dancing to music — Make a statement with water.

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