Site amenities play a critical role in enhancing play and recreation settings. With a careful combination of a traditional look paired with a sleek modern design, our amenities are the perfect complement to any park, city center or streetscape.

Customize to Your Space

Pick from a variety of patterns, select a premium thermoplastic finish for added durability in high use areas, and provide the perfect blend of contemporary style and traditional sensibility.



Our wide variety of tables and chairs create the perfect place to rest, relax and gather together. Creating these types of seating options to any park or recreation environment ensures comfort and a better user experience. Choose the right style for your design.


With an easy-going style that looks at home in the city, the country and everywhere in between, our collections offer both pattern and geometric variations to help you find the perfect upscale look for your park or recreation space.

Trash Receptacles, Planters, Ash Urns and Leaning Rails

For those who want to go a little further with their streetscape or city center designs, a variety of our site furnishings collections will include trash receptacles, planters, ash urns and leaning rails. These final touches complete the perfect site with the perfect blend of contemporary style and traditional sensibility. Attractive site furnishings give your design a finished look.


Many municipal park projects or city center designs may require fixed bollards as a visual deterrent to protect individuals in a highly trafficked area.

Bike Racks

Let’s go for a ride! Bicycling is one of the top recreational activities that people enjoy. Communities are embracing this demand by converting rails to trails and adding bike routes throughout the nation. With cycling gaining momentum, bike tourism has become a new industry that has given new life to sleepy towns and urban cores.

Bike Storage and Shelters

Park it here! Practical, yet trendy bike storage areas and shelters make your park easily accessible and accommodating to guests. 

As biking becomes an increasingly popular mode of transportation across the country, special consideration needs to be given to accommodate bikes as they arrive at their destinations. Bike parking should be incorporated into the streetscapes in a way that is both attractive and serves the needs of cyclists for security and capacity.

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Design Files?

Check out our resource library that has all the pieces you need to download Autocad DWG and SketchUp files and start planning your dream vision.

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