Commercial Shade Structures

Outdoor areas don’t have to be all about soaking up the sun. Sometimes it is nice to relax in a shaded spot, protected from the hot sun and read or simply enjoy your lunch or a cool beverage. Shade is a trusted site amenity and necessary if you want communities to utilize your parks, playgrounds, outdoor fitness areas and greenspaces. Commercial shade structures are very functional and can extend time spent outdoors, but they also add interest to your design and give a unique look to your recreational spaces.

Outdoor Shade Structures

Want a play space that's cooler than the rest? Add some shade structures!

When it comes time to design a new space or re-invigorate an existing outdoor recreational space design, don’t forget to include creative shade options. Shade is a trusted site amenity to keep park guests cool and comfortable until they are ready for more fun in the sun. Shade provides protection from harmful UV rays allowing children and caregivers to stay cooler and play longer at almost any outdoor location.

Our wide array of shade products provides ways to bring more shade to your community pool, city park, neighborhood playground and fitness area designs. Depending on the goals of your client and the project budget, you can choose freestanding or integrated shade options. Shade sails are one of the easiest ways to create shade. Comercial shades structures are also available in hip, umbrella and cantilever in multitude of sizes and colors. Custom and decorative shade products are also available. These shade products are constructed of durable high-quality materials, so they last for years.


Commercial Shade Structures
Shade Structures
Shade Structures for Recreational Spaces
Custom Shade Structures

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