Modern City - Commercial Playground Design Architecture

Inspired by modern architecture and intended to create more opportunities for physical activity, Modern City is a new approach to playground design. It's a modern approach for modern cities at play.

Commercial Playground Design Architecture

Modern City a Visual Statement for Parks and Playgrounds

With multi-tiered surfaces, challenging climbers and ground-level activities built right into the uprights. Modern City packs plenty of play in a compact design. It’s a modern approach for modern cities at play.

Artistic, unconventional style that encourages the imagination and creates opportunities for physical activity.


Modern City

Modern City is a fresh approach to play system design. The signature style is at home in an urban park or a suburban green space, and the steel construction makes it durable and easy to maintain.

Modern City Playground Design for Suburban Green Space
Modern City Playground Design for Urban Park

Custom Modern

Modern City’s adaptable possibilities can give your traditional play a custom architectural look and create a unique one-of-a-kind experience.

Modern City Custom Playground Design
Custom Commercial Playground Design

Custom Modern Towers

Modern City gives us an artistic unconventional style in creating Towers. We design these from the ground-up with materials and supports intended to provide safety, strength, durability and style.

Modern City Custom Playground Towers
Custom Modern Playground Towers

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