Turf - Commercial Playground & Outdoor Fitness Space Safety Surfacing

Synthetic turf is manufactured to provide an attenuating, durable, natural-looking safety surfacing solution to outdoor play and fitness environments. Synthetic turf is designed to bring the look of nature to your playground while providing compliant impact attenuation. Turf brings the look of nature to your play space design.

Synthetic turf has a cooler surface temperature as compared to other surfaces and is available in a variety of lengths and colors all designed for multiple purposes. Use turf to create themed or branded recreational space designs – ask about custom space designs and logos.

Natural look, no watering required

In commercial playground applications, we install the turf over a porous closed-cell attenuating layer specified to meet the critical fall height of your playground equipment. After the synthetic turf layer is installed, infill is worked in among the blades to discourage blade flattening and to help reduce surface temperature. Infill is needed in order to uphold warranty. Adequately installed turf offers efficient drainage, impact absorption, durability, and accessibility to promote play for all.

One of the best things about synthetic turf is that it is relatively low maintenance – no watering or mowing! Routine raking is recommended to distribute infill and discourage blade compaction. EnviroFill infill with Microban provides antimicrobial protection, is non-toxic and will support the system’s integrity after installation.


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