Shredded Rubber Safety Surfacing

It is important to have adequate and appropriate safety surfacing under and around playground and fitness equipment. Safety surfacing can be unitary or loose fill. Shredded Rubber or loose fill rubber is another good, safe option for playground safety surfacing. However, it is important to remember that rubber retains heat, and may become uncomfortable to play on during hot seasons. These resilient rubber chunks offer the best impact absorbing properties of all loose fill surfaces. It is made from recycled tires and is certified 99.99% metal-free. Shredded Rubber loose fill safety surfacing is non-toxic and safe for use around children and pets.

Soft, colorful, fun

Shredded Rubber has one of the highest fall attenuation ratings and is soft to the touch. It is unique among loose fill surfaces because of the color choices available. Despite the higher initial investment, recycled loose fill Shredded Rubber can be more economical than engineered wood fiber (EWF) since it does not decompose, and requires fewer top-offs. Loose fill rubber stays in place better in windy and rainy weather and is also mold and insect resistant.

Proper site work for adequate drainage is recommended as is using a geotextile fabric for weed control and to keep loose fill rubber from mixing in with whatever surface material is underneath. Containment borders of some kind are needed to keep loose fill safety surfacing materials from migrating outside the recommended use zone of the play or fitness space.


Will require a skilled technical crew that is trained in the proper installation of the material.

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