Custom Park & Playground Entryways

Your entryway will be the first thing your park, playground or outdoor recreational facility guests will see, so you will need to decide on a style of entry that compliments the design of your space. Remember to make a solid impression with your entryway. The style and materials you use will be determined by the project's purpose and the functionality of the entrance. Remember first impressions last. You will want your guests to feel welcome and excited for what’s to come. And most importantly, you will want them to return again and again.

Commercial Park & Playground Entryways

An Indication of What’s to Come

The entrance to a park, commercial playground or other outdoor recreational space is an important detail of your design that may require some additional thought. Do you need to give credit to a particular group or honor a specific donor or contributing partner? Is the park or playground dedicated to someone? Do you need to limit access at certain times, or is it open all hours of the day and night? Do you need to communicate something to your guests? All these questions need to be answered before you can plan your entryway and decide on the proper materials and or signage needed for your public space.

The entryway for a state zoo project will be much different from that of a neighborhood park playground project. Some entryways may want to add elements of art, murals, or graphics that are relevant or have a significance to the project or location. So—whether a child is exploring for the first time or a couple is looking for new areas to roam, an attractive entryway makes a huge difference in setting the scene for what’s to come.


Commercial Park Entryways
Commercial Playground Entryways

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