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Bringing Nature Back to PLAY - A generation ago playing outdoors in nature was generally taken for granted, but times have changed. Not as many children are able to experience nature and enjoy running, jumping and playing in the great outdoors. Now, nature must be deliberately designed back into children’s lives. In today’s urban and suburban environments, natural playground spaces are often located too remotely for visiting on a regular basis.

There is a strong link between children’s play experiences of being outdoors in nature and their psychological well-being and overall development. We must bring nature back into children’s lives by designing commercial play environments that integrate manufactured playground equipment into the natural landscape. In doing this we can create inclusive play spaces that engage communities to create richer play experiences for all users and encourage children to be good stewards of nature and the world around them.

Nature Playground Design

Nature Playground Design Focus

Nature play is very popular by design. That’s right by designing with nature play as our focus we are allowing children to interact with the natural world or a commercial play space that mimics nature so they can connect with nature in some capacity while they fuel their imaginations. We can design commercial playgrounds that use a few nature play components with a natural color scheme, or we can develop a fully immersed nature theme to include a treehouse with a stump climber, a fallen log balance beam that looks and feels like actual bark on a tree, boulders and more. These types of play spaces complement the natural commercial play environment and create opportunities for families to explore the endless possibilities of play and nature.


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