Dec 29

5 Design Ideas for a High-End Dog Park

Dog parks are a great addition to most communities, providing a safe space for dogs to run around without a leash. While many pet owners are in favor of having a dog park in their community, not everyone shares the same sentiment. Some people worry that dog parks will look dirty and bring in a lot of foot traffic, possibly bringing down the value of their property.

The good news is that these fears aren’t warranted. In fact, the National Association of Realtors reports that dog parks are an emerging trend that can increase property values. The key to ensuring a dog park is valued by all residents is choosing the right equipment and adding the proper amenities to your design.

Let’s cover five design ideas for a high-end dog park that everyone will love!

1. Natural Looking Elements

Dog Park Furnishings with Natural Look

For a more upscale look, choose natural-looking dog park furnishings instead of brightly colored ones. They’ll blend in with the environment and provide a more cohesive sightline for those walking past. Ask CR Studio Design about our nature-inspired dog park designs that include pieces that really look and feel like tree stumps, logs and boulders.

2. Sturdy Dog Equipment

Some dog parks are nothing more than a grassy area with a fence. Elevate your dog park with durable dog park equipment. Not only will it keep pets busy, but also it will give your park a higher end look and feel. Choose a few standalone pieces, such as hoop jumps and dog walks, or work with a CR Studio Design to create a full-on dog agility course.

3. Waste Management

When people don’t pick up after their pets, it makes the dog park look bad. To keep this space looking its best, be sure to include a dog waste system that has both garbage cans and a garbage bag dispenser. Also consider installing signs that encourage people to pick up after their pet and keep the park clean. Things look better when everyone takes pride in the community dog park!

4. Surface Material

Many dog parks have natural grass, but this can be hard to maintain. Synthetic turf might be a better option than grass, especially for a high-end dog park. It provides all the same benefits as natural grass without the dirt and grass stains. Additionally, synthetic turf drains out rainwater, whereas natural grass will develop potholes after heavy rains. This will keep the dog park looking nicer and the pups cleaner.

5. Comfortable Amenities

Dog Park Fountain

Last, don’t overlook the importance of adding comfortable amenities to your dog park. Benches and shade structures give pet owners a place to sit, relax and visit with others in the community with similar interests. Pet water fountains keep pets hydrated and eliminate the need for countless water bowls. Leash holders keep leashes neatly tucked away while the dogs run and play.

Dog parks continue to be a wonderful addition to most communities. With these upgrades, you can create a high-end dog park that everyone will be proud of! Contact CR Studio Design to learn more about our dog park furnishings.