Wood - Commercial Playground Design Architecture

The wood material used in the Flora product line is a tight-grained PEFC™ - certified northern pine primarily from the forests of Finland. PEFC™ certification guarantees that forests are managed in a sustainable manner that safeguards their biodiversity: certified forest management is ecologically, economically and socially sustainable and this keeps our forests viable for future generations. Changes in humidity cause less changes in glulam than in solid wood thus, maintaining its shape even as time goes by. Bring nature back into your play and recreation into your designs.

Natural Wood Playground Design

Nature inspired play

Play and nature add up to an exciting adventure. The nature inspired design of Flora playground equipment allows you to play in nature even in the city. Towers structures as well as freestanding pieces make for a great forest nature play design or even an adventure fitness trail. Flora towers and our Northern Finnish Pine grounds our designs in nature and blend perfectly into its surroundings.


Custom Wood Playground Design
Commercial Wood Playground Design
Nature Inspired Playground Design
Natural Wood Playgrounds

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