Jul 01

Playground Structures That Reach New Heights

Gone are the days where playgrounds are flat. Design trends have taken playground equipment to new heights, inviting children to climb atop structures and experience play from up above. In addition to the adventurous thrill of elevated play equipment, there is also the added visual appeal of a diversified playscape. To incorporate the element of height into a playground, designers can consider adding towers, climbers or nets.


Playground towers are elevated, enclosed structures that offer a climbing challenge to playground goers. Their versatile design options lends them to an unlimited number of playground styles, whether modern, themed or traditional. A wide range of heights are available according to safety standards. Because of their height, many towers are designed as an accent structure and a central point of reference on a playground. Custom-designed towers like lighthouses, castles and trees add an adventurous element, while architecturally-inspired towers with sleek edges and geometric patterns offer striking visual appeal to a playscape. Towers also serve as a functional intersection for slides, ramps and climbers that are connected to a play structure. In this way, they encourage social interaction while inviting children to see their world from a “higher” perspective. 

playground tower


Climbers are a creative way to keep kids active on your playground because they encourage children to climb up, under or over! They come in many different shapes, heights and styles. They can be constructed from different materials such as nets, metal and HDPE plastic. When used as an access point, they can connect to a larger playground structure, such as a tower or deck, or they can also be a freestanding element that is separate from other equipment. Net climbers, rock climbing walls, ladder climbers and dome and vertical climbers are just a sampling of the different types of climbers. Some of the most engaging playgrounds incorporate a variety of climbers, including different shapes and heights, so that children can enjoy alternative routes up, down and around a space while strengthening their upper body and improving balance and hand-eye coordination.

playground climber


Playground nets are another vertical element that can be incorporated on a playground, and because they are often constructed from rope or cable material, they offer caretakers largely unobstructed views of children. Nets can exist as freestanding units on a playground or can functionally link to a playground structure.Often, nets are designed at a vertical angle to encourage children to crawl to the top. Other nets are designed as elevated tubes, tunnels or walls that connect one section of a play space to another. Whether incorporated on a modern-design, custom-themed or traditional style playground, nets foster imaginative play and encourage positive risk taking and improve the cardiovascular health of everyone who dares to climb on. The elevation of nets, coupled with their graceful arches and unique shapes, make them an eye-catching element to a play space.

The vertical aesthetic of towers, climbers and nets along with their functionality and health benefits, make them a must-have for playgrounds everywhere. They are proof that the sky is the limit when it comes to play and recreation. 

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