Jul 14

Making a Splash: Ways to Add Water Play to Your Outdoor Space 

Outdoor spaces invite people of all ages and abilities to get outside and enjoy time together. Yet, when summer is in full swing, the sweltering heat is often a deterrent for people spending time outside. Incorporating water play into an outdoor space is an ideal way to help people beat the heat.

Splash Pads

Splash pads provide an open flat area for water recreation. Their styles are limitless: they can be themed, colored or accented with graphics. Best of all, they offer water play from all angles and heights! Water can spray out from the surface or through poles, archways or panels that are throughout the space. The surfacing stays wet, inviting children and families to splash around, but it is designed not to have standing water. Slip-resistant surfacing is an added benefit that can reduce falls, and it’s available in a variety of color, theming and creative graphics options. Splash pads are especially popular with younger children because their open design allows children to enter and exit the water area with ease.

water splash pad

Surface Sprays 

Interactive surface sprays can add a playful touch to your outdoor space. The sprays can mist, bubble up, splash out or shoot up from the ground. Theming elements like rocks, ships or animals can be incorporated around the surface sprays to enhance imaginative play. Sensory-rich elements like water cannons or spray towers encourage positive risk taking and social interaction and can be customized using different shapes, colors and textures. Nearby park benches or shelters can be outfitted with misters that provide a light cooling sensation for families who are taking a break. Surface sprays can be designed to be low-key or highly interactive, a customization that is accommodating for different ages and abilities.


Adding fountains to your outdoor space is one way to make an eye-catching statement. Fountain design features are truly unlimited. Fountains can be incorporated in playful concrete structures, added under paver surfaces or used around metal art structures for a unique visual appeal. Synchronizing fountain water to lights and music is sure to delight and entertain guests. Fountains are an added benefit to people frequenting business centers, restaurant districts and downtown parks. By adding amphitheatre-style steps along the perimeter of a fountain, you can provide seating for visitors and make your space a destination area where people of all ages and abilities can relax outdoors. 

public fountain

Outdoor spaces are designed with people in mind, so it’s only fitting that they incorporate the cooling elements of water play for the hot summer months. Most importantly, water play is inclusive and can be enjoyed by everyone. Not only does it help refresh people during the heat of summer, but it truly provides fun for all.

If you are interested in adding water play to your outdoor space, please contact us. CR Studio Design offers a variety of water play options to fit any style or budget.