Aug 11

4 Design Concepts to Make Your Park Playground Unique

4 Design Concepts to Make Your Park Playground Unique

The design and layout of your public playground matters a lot. Not only are these perfect spots for kids and adults to breathe the fresh air, play, communicate, and relax, but playgrounds also make up an important part of your community’s curb appeal.

For children especially, good playgrounds can help inculcate independent and imaginative play that boosts creativity, social skills, confidence and so much more. Apart from encouraging environmental awareness, well-designed playgrounds can also bring inclusivity. However, many factors such as overzealous safety guidelines, a litigious culture, and a tendency to be risk-averse have led to unimaginative playgrounds. This has made it increasingly difficult to nurture child development or promote play spaces as bright community spaces. Here are four ways to safely spruce up your local public playground design to make it both safe and imaginative.

Play Sculptures

custom playground equipment play sculptures

Playful pieces of art, or play sculptures, can add a theme or decorative touch to a public playground design for aesthetic purposes. Play sculptures can be a great way for cities or towns to link their heritage to the community park.

• Tulsa’s “Gathering Place” is a 5-acre park that contains 7 realms designed for different age groups. There is a ‘volcanoville’ for toddlers. The park drew 55,000 visitors in its opening weekend in 2018 alone.
• Play sculptures can help build an interpretation of freedom and movement for kids. They learn problem-solving skills, communication skills and gain self-esteem.

Outdoor Musical Instruments

interactive playground - outdoor musical instruments

Music is a universal language that can transform public playgrounds into multigenerational landscapes. Outdoor musical instruments can be used as an active or passive form of play, bringing joy to all age groups.

  • Research proved that piano lessons improved memory, attention, moods, and quality of life in 13-year-olds.
  • Participation in musical activities can support cognition in older people suffering from mild cognitive impairment, as per a study by the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt).

Water Play Equipment

water playground equipment

Include sprayers, bubblers, buckets, and misters in your playground design to let families splash and play around with water. It can teach kids cause and effect, as well as allow sensory exploration. Getting wet is the ultimate fun during summer.

  • Nature stimulates more senses than video games. When kids spend more time indoors and less in nature, their senses can narrow. Water play can be emotionally therapeutic for kids.
  • Kids with ADHD or attention issues can benefit from water play by burning off some restless energy.

Custom Metal Playground Design

playground design architecture

Revolutionary park designs incorporate elements of art, architecture, and playfulness. Safe and sustainable custom metal designs not only lend public parks a modern look but also provide fitness and physical activity opportunities for all age groups. Cube, cuboids, towers, geometric shapes – the sky is the limit!

  • Learning to identify shapes helps kids to organize and identify visual information. This helps them in areas like learning math, science, and reading.
  • Creative play can promote hand-eye coordination in kids. It can also teach them conflict resolution and problem solving.

Creative Playground Design Concepts Will Take Your Community Park to the Next Level

There are so many benefits in having an innovative playground design for your client’s community. Using various design concepts and a variety of materials allows you to transform your green spaces into a welcoming oasis for everyone to enjoy. Unique creative playground design concepts can give community members a fun place to learn, develop and make lasting memories.