Aug 11

How to Create an Outdoor Fitness Space with Nature in Mind?

Promoting overall health and wellness in a community is easy to do when you provide a well-rounded outdoor fitness space. This space could be something simple like a fitness trail with equipment installed at regular intervals, or it could be a compact training area to test cardio skills, endurance and strength. There’s no right or wrong – it all comes down to the wants and needs of your client.

However, creating an outdoor fitness space is more than just throwing a bunch of equipment together. It’s important to create a space that relaxes the mind and promotes health, tranquility and well-being. Fortunately, you can accomplish both tasks by incorporating elements of nature into your design.

Below are some tips for creating an outdoor fitness park with nature in mind.

Start with a Green Space

Recreational Space Design

Fitness parks are flexible and can fit into both tiny or expansive spaces. Ideally, you should choose an open green space that can accommodate a wide range of outdoor fitness equipment such as push up stations or pull up bars. Add some variety so that you can accommodate a well-rounded workout for teens and adults of all ages.

…Or Choose a Secluded Trail

Outdoor Fitness Stations

If you don’t have any options for wide open spaces, consider adding outdoor fitness equipment stations along a trail. People love to use these trails for walking, hiking, biking and more, and having fitness stations along the way provides them with a more intense workout. As people walk the trails, they’ll be able to soak in nature – the trees, flowers, wildlife, etc.

Use Trees for Shade and Privacy

Outdoor Fitness Space Custom Design

At CR Studio Design, we encourage clients to utilize the natural environment to the best of their ability. This cuts down on costs, integrates the fitness space into the rest of the community and balances nature and outdoor activity. We encourage you to do the same when designing an outdoor fitness park.

For example, stationary, mature trees provide plenty of shade, keeping people cool during their workouts. They also offer privacy, something that is important for many individuals. By strategically placing fitness stations around trees and shrubs, users can enjoy comfort and privacy while benefiting from the restorative properties of nature.

Incorporate a Nature Theme

Custom Playground Equipment with Nature Theme

Perhaps the outdoor fitness park is an extension of a larger project, such as one with an inclusive playground or dog park. This is a wonderful advantage to a community because families can stay all day while soaking up fresh air and sunshine. Choose a nature theme that incorporates earthy colors, fun facts about wildlife, nature-inspired play equipment and more.

Plan for an Outdoor Fitness Park Today

These are just a few of the ways you can incorporate nature into an outdoor fitness space. Being thoughtful of this connection is a wonderful way to motivate physical activity while promoting physiological and mental health benefits. To discuss your ideas for an outdoor fitness park, contact CR Studio Design.