Jun 14

Yalp Interactive Products for School Playground Designs

Looking to take your commercial playground design to the next level? Yalp Interactive playground equipment offers a wide range of play and sport solutions that challenge people of all ages to exercise and play. Yalp combines technology with outdoor play, sports, games and education to meet the changing needs and interests of our younger generations.

Below you’ll find four of our best suggestions for interactive playground equipment for your school playground.

Memo Interactive Play Pillars

Yalp Memo Playground Surfacing

The Memo Interactive Play Pillars provide interactive play equipment for indoor or outdoor activity. It consists of a playing field and seven columns, equipped with 360-degree LED touch screens that deliver arcade-like effects.

This is an excellent piece of equipment to add to your school playground because it accommodates many children at once, encouraging full classrooms to get active. New games are continuously developed to keep things fresh. Some of the games involve practice with colors, numbers and shapes, while others focus on movement, exercise and motor skills. See Case Study.

Sona Interactive Dance and Play Arch

Playground Design with Yalp Sona Interactive Dance & Play Arch

Another wonderful addition to your school playground is the Sona Interactive Dance and Play Arch. This play arch offers innovative games that make playing outside fun for everyone. Just like the Memo Interactive Play Pillars, new games and activities are always being developed.

The Sona Interactive Dance and Play Arch also supports sensory-rich, inclusive play, which is important for school playgrounds. The play floor is wheelchair accessible, and several children can play at once. And, with innovative movement detection, the arch can detect the movement of any player, short or tall.

Sutu Interactive Ball Wall

Yalp Sutu Interactive Ball Wall

Kids thrive off healthy competition, which is why the Sutu Interactive Ball Wall makes another great addition for your school playground. It features a powder-coated steel construction, LED panels, four loudspeakers and a variety of games. Simply push and play!

Single and multiplayer modes are available, and even children with disabilities can join in on the fun. This way, no one gets left out! Outside of school hours, the Sutu Interactive Ball Wall can be used as a training tool for soccer teams.

Toro Interactive Sports Arena

Yalp Toro Interactive Sports Arena Playground Equipment

One last suggestion for your school playground is the Toro Interactive Sports Arena. This colorful multipurpose playground is great for small or large groups of children, such as during recess or PE class. Since the games take place in a compact arena, every player is involved in the game. It provides a truly inclusive experience!

Some examples of the games you can play (from the push of a button) are Red vs Green, Bottle Shot and Shifter. Teachers and instructors can also level the games up or down depending on the age group, accommodating a wide age range of students.

These four pieces of interactive playground equipment are wonderful additions to any school playground. To design an interactive playground for your elementary or middle school, contact CR Studio Design today.