Oct 15

Yalp Interactive Play “Smart Park Technology”

Are you looking to add a new twist on standard playground equipment? Look no further than Yalp Interactive Play and Sports Equipment. Utilizing “Smart Park” technology, these interactive playgrounds combine the digital and physical worlds for the best experience. Kids are provided with safe spaces where they can meet up with friends and be physically active outdoors. 

Below is more information on Yalp Interactive Play Equipment and why we need more of these playgrounds in our communities. 

Why Interactive Play is Important for Today’s Kids

Children today spend little time outdoors compared to previous generations. Only four to seven minutes a day are devoted to unstructured outdoor play, while kids spend about seven-and-a-half hours in front of electronic media. We’re already seeing the negative impact of this as childhood obesity is on the rise. 

A lack of physical activity puts children at risk for health issues and decreases their overall quality of life. This is why more communities can benefit from safe, interactive parks where kids of all ages, abilities and interests can find something to enjoy. This is exactly what Yalp Interactive Play Equipment aims to do. 

Interactive Playground Products

Yalp Interactive Playground Equipment - Smart Playground Technology

Yalp Interactive Playgrounds combine technology with physical activity. Kids can use digital media to pick games and solve challenges, while the physical movement aids in social interaction and teamwork. 

Here are some of the interactive play structures to choose from: 

  • Sutu Interactive Ball Wall. This interactive ball wall lets kids kick the ball at their intended target. They can use a mobile app to compete against friends and the community. Great for parks, sports complexes, Family Fit Zones and schools.
  • Sona Interactive Play and Dance Arch. Get moving and dancing under the interactive dance arch. This is a great multigenerational activity that everyone can do – and it gives a great workout! Great for parks, community centers, schools and elderly care centers.
  • Memo Interactive Play Pillars. This platform provides an excellent space for physical activity and educational learning. New games can be uploaded easily for continued fun. Great for school playgrounds.
  • Toro Interactive Sports Arena. This giant sports arena is a great way for kids to practice their tactical skills. It’s another multigenerational activity that can accommodate groups of all sizes! Great for parks, schools and sports complexes.
  • Fono Interactive DJ Booth. Create a positive meeting space for teens and young adults in your community. The Fono DJ booth is strong, durable and resistant to vandalism. It is the first outdoor DJ booth. Music can be streamed from any smartphone, and sounds come pre-installed. Great for college campuses, city centers and outdoor retail settings. 

Create an Interactive Playground Design

If your client’s community can benefit from a more positive outdoor gathering spaces, Yalp Interactive Play Equipment is the solution. With Smart Park technology, this equipment will be both appealing and relevant to kids today—digital gaming component outdoors combined with physical activity. Contact CR Studio Design to discuss your options for interactive play equipment.