Nov 24

What You Need to Know About City Streetscapes and Gathering Spaces in Cities

Streetscapes are designs that you interact with every day. Whether you’re driving home from work, riding your bike or taking a morning jog, you probably do so along the edge of a street. Even though most people don’t think much about these gathering spaces, they’re an important part of our everyday lives. Thanks to these designs, we’re able to get around the community and do the things we love safely and securely.

If you’re currently working on an outdoor gathering space, here are some things to know that will help make your project a success.

Streetscapes require multiple aspects to be successful.

Many components are needed to create a successful, functional streetscape. Because roads support a wide range of functions, it’s best to start with the context of the area. Here are some aspects to consider:

  • How will you separate vehicles from pedestrians? Sidewalks from roads?
  • Where will people sit and interact along the street?
  • What landscaping will you choose? Low-level landscaping is best to maintain a good view of sidewalks, businesses and playgrounds.
  • What features will you include in your design to encourage people to socialize, interact with their environment and more?

Outdoor gathering spaces should connect residents.

A good public space is one that encourages people in a community to live their lives together rather than separately. Children can play together on a public playground, while dog owners can let their dogs off the leash in a safe and secure dog park.

The best part is, these amenities are available right outside their door – there’s no need to get in the car and drive somewhere to achieve this sense of community. Of course, you’ll need to understand your demographics and the types of amenities they will use most.

All users must be considered to ensure safe circulation.

Consider your community and the types of people who will be using the public spaces – pedestrians, cyclists, joggers, children, families, drivers, etc. All users should have the same opportunity to use this space. By involving residents in the community master plan, you can design a public space that meets everyone’s demands.

Some things to consider are:

  • Sidewalks in good condition
  • Street furniture and signage
  • Bike storage and shelters
  • Trees, plants and flowerbeds
  • Public lighting
  • Well-marked crosswalks and parking spaces

Start Planning Your Streetscape Design Today

These are just a few of the things to consider when thinking about outdoor gathering spaces. Every project is unique and caters to a different set of people and needs. Nevertheless, there are some elements that will help you design a successful gathering space for your community. To discuss your project initiatives, contact CR Studio Design today.