May 23

Site Amenities Add Comfort and Style to Your Custom Playground Design

No playground is complete without the proper amenities. Commercial site furnishings play a major role in providing comfort to your patrons. After all, parents and guardians won’t care to stay long if there’s nowhere to sit or a lack of shade from the sun.

The good news is that adding site amenities to your playground is easy to do. Most architects achieve this by including a combination of benches, shade structures and tables in their designs. This way, there are plenty of spaces where people can comfortably relax while watching their kids play.

Let’s cover the different ways that site amenities can enhance your custom playground’s comfort and style.

Shelters, Pavilions and Shade Structures

It’s important to offer your visitors some type of shelter when they visit your park, playground or outdoor recreation space. You never know when it might sprinkle! But it’s not just rain that park guests worry about. It is heat and the sun’s harmful UV rays while they are enjoying the outdoors.

Shelters and pavilions are great park amenities to have adjacent to playgrounds and or ballfields. These permanent structures allow guest to take shelter from the elements, eat lunch or cool off. Fabric shade structures keep people, pets and infants out of the sun, preventing sunburn and overheating. Adding integrated shade to your play structure and benches is a great idea in addition to park shelters and pavilions. Freestanding shade structures can cover the entire play space or just certain areas.

CR Studio Design offers a huge selection of high quality commercial shade structures and park shelters. Shade structures and park shelters both come in a variety of styles and colors.

Tables and Benches

Busy families need a place to sit while their kids play. The parents of older kids might even be able to kick back, relax and read their favorite book!

Tables and benches provide clean, comfy spaces for patrons, so be sure to offer plenty of these amenities at your playground. You can even zone off a designated area for picnic tables so that families can eat lunch and make an afternoon at your park.

To encourage people to clean up after themselves, be sure to offer trash receptacles. Planters, ash urns and leaning rails can also give your outdoor recreation space a clean and finished look, especially if it’s located in a busy, urban area.

It’s always nice to include a more passive area for those needing to relax, read a book, eat their lunch and enjoy some fresh air. Perhaps near a shady spot with trees or flower gardens or planters.

Bike Racks

With the cost of gas on the rise, more people are cutting back on driving. If your playground is located in a bustling community near homes and residences, a bike rack is a great touch! People in the community can ride their bikes to your park and have a safe and secure place to keep them.

If the surrounding community is known for bike riding, you may even want to take things a step further and offer bike shelters. This type of structure offers more protection than a bike rack, which is helpful on rainy or windy days. CR Studio Design offers bike racks, bike storage and bike shelters for endless options.

Enhance Your Playground with Site Amenities

Site amenities are the finishing touches to your playground. They will make your play space more attractive and desirable, plus enhance the user experience. No one wants to return to a park that is cold and empty – but they will definitely return to a park that is accommodating and inviting!