May 12

Rope-based Custom Playground Design Ideas

Custom rope/net playground equipmentf

If you’re creating a custom playground design, you won’t be short of ideas! From themed playground designs to metal and wood materials, there are plenty of options that will make your playground stand apart from the rest. But one idea you may not have considered is ropes. That’s right – rope-based play activities for parks and playgrounds are highly desirable.

Fortunately, you don’t have to look far for a recommendation for rope-based play. CR Studio Design suggests VistaRope climbing play systems because of the high quality and the personalized design capabilities. With VistaRope products, your choices are endless—

inclusive playground nets like the GT Wave, freestanding net climbers, towers, rope racecourses and more. You can create an entirely new playground or add onto an existing park playground by functionally linking net play sytems or selecting freestanding nets.

VistaRope uses WeaveTech™ construction to create a strong, durable, and low-maintenance playground net system. Each WeaveTech rope is 20mm in diameter and includes six SteelForce® cables with the industry’s highest steel content. The cables are wrapped in our ComfortGrip® polymer coating that’s stronger than nylon and softer to the touch.

Let’s learn more about VistaRope and how it can personalize your playground climbing experience.

What are Rope-Based Playgrounds?

Rope-based playground design

Rope-based parks and playgrounds feature ropes and nets that appeal to children of all ages and abilities. Kids are able to work on a number of skills, such as climbing, balance and coordination and large motor skills. They’re also able to use their imaginations in unique ways, as they’ll be climbing to the top of the nets and hanging from ropes.

One of the things our clients appreciate is that ropes and nets allow for many children to play at once. Unlike slides and swings that require kids to take turns, ropes and nets can accommodate multiple children. Kids also love the challenge – some go to the same park on a regular basis until they’re able to master the top of the climber!

Creative, Unique Ideas for Rope Playgrounds

As you start designing a commercial playground, consider how and where you can use ropes and nets. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Rope climbers. Rope climbers are a series of net climbers that come in a wide variety of sizes and colors. These nets can be easily integrated into any new or existing playground.
  • Rope towers. Want to offer a structure where kids can climb high? A rope tower offers this challenge by allowing kids to climb up to 35 feet high! For younger children, a junior rope tower is more suitable.
  • Adventure courses. Take ropes and nets to the next level with an adventure course. This type of course combines multiple net climbers for an ultimate afternoon of fun.
  • Spinning tops. With VistaRope’s VistaTree Tops, kids can climb and spin at the same time. These spinning nets are a great sensory experience and are great for inclusive playground designs. Just one piece of equipment offers hours of fun for multiple children!
  • Domes and Arcs. Domes and arcs that feature nets are a huge attraction, as kids can climb up, through, over, under and around – again and again! Talk about some great climbing skills during crucial developmental years!
  • Rope Racecourses. You can use cable ropes to create a ropes course with climbing nets. Kids can take turns competing with each other, or simply use the nets for their own skill-building activities.

Take Your Playground Design to the Next Level with Ropes!

CR Studio Design can help you design a fun and engaging playground with the most unique features. While ropes and nets can be added to any playground, they are most popular for nature-based and modern play spaces. But whatever you do, get creative and personalize your design for a unique playground climbing experience. Give us a call today to discuss your ideas and how to start planning your custom rope-based playground!