Aug 13

Pup-Worthy Features for Your Next Dog Park

There’s a reason we call them man’s best friend. Dogs are a beloved part of families across the world. Aside from plenty of treats and head scratches, they are quite deserving of play and recreation — and what better place than a dog park! When it comes to designing a dog park area, there are several ways to make it a unique space that dogs and their owners will love.

Agility courses are a popular trend in dog park design. These courses are customizable for different levels of skill and confidence, and they help keep dogs interested and engaged at parks. After all, running around in circles on hot grass for hours isn’t enjoyable for anyone! Agility courses are an ideal way for dogs and their owners to exercise together and practice obedience and agility training that helps socialize and stimulate dogs. Hoop jumps, dog tunnels, inclined ramps and weave posts keep dogs active and entertained while improving their balance, flexibility and heart health. By adding an agility course to one section of a park and providing open play areas in other sections, designers can provide some natural separation for dogs with different activity levels or temperaments. Best of all, the design and style of agility courses are fully customizable. Adjustable features allow you to control the height of structures where dogs jump or climb. Obstacles are available in different colors and can include eco-friendly materials or nature-inspired designs that resemble trees or rocks.

Dog park

One thing is for sure when it comes to dogs and parks – you are guaranteed to have a thirsty, hot pup! That’s why water amenities are important to consider when designing your next dog recreation area. Dog water fountains provide a clean, fresh source of water at your park, while helping you forego the muddy mess that can occur next to regular water spigots. These fountains are freestanding units that have attached bowls under the water source, making it easy for your dog to take a quick hydration break. The fountains are available in various heights to accommodate different size dogs, and you can install them individually as single fountains or in pairs as a double fountain. Water amenities don’t end at fountains, though! There are creative ways to add water play to your park. Water sprayers, splash pads and shallow pools are a fun way to keep dogs entertained and cool, and they provide an opportunity to diversity the landscape of your park area by adding different surface materials such as anti-slip safety surfacing or custom-branded pavers. Connect water play to your agility course for a one-of-a-kind adventure.

Dog owners everywhere know the frustration of showing up to a dog park only to find it lacks shade. Limited shade can mean reduced visitors during the hot summer months, and it also poses a safety risk to dogs and owners who come to a park for play and exercise. Incorporating shade is an ideal way to help more people enjoy your space year-round. Multiple shade options exist to keep pups and people cool. Freestanding or integrated shade can be added virtually anywhere. Available in different colors, sizes and styles, including hip, cantilever, sail and umbrellas, shade structures are a great addition next to a park bench, picnic table or dog fountain. For parks that have interactive amenities such as agility courses, the addition of shade can encourage activity even when the cool morning temperatures have passed. These shade options help protect visitors from prolonged exposure to UV rays, and they are made of durable materials that stand up to a variety of elements – including weather and paws.

Dog parks offer countless benefits for our four-legged friends. Through intentional design, they can help dogs socialize, exercise and spend time outdoors with some of their favorite people. It doesn’t get more “pawsome” than that!

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