Apr 27

Playground Entryways Make a Statement

First impressions make all the difference in how visitors, potential guests and community members perceive your playground. Building a great entrance draws people in and makes them want to stay and explore. It is an indication of what is to come. Your playground entrance should match the theme of your play space, whether it’s playful, architectural, welcoming or inspired by nature.

To start your playground project or add a more welcoming entryway to your park, contact CR Studio Design today. In the meantime, here are some of the ways you can make a statement with your playground entryway.

Start with Shade

At CR Studio Design, we always recommend working with the natural landscape. Not only can this save money, but also it allows the playground to fit in seamlessly with the natural surroundings. And some of the best elements to work with are nearby trees, shrubs and fresh flowers.

To make things look balanced and even, you’ll likely have to plant new trees, but at least you’re adding something to the environment! You can place the trees in a line so that they ‘guide’ traffic down the path and into the park. The right trees will also provide some coverage and privacy, which families will appreciate!

Don’t forget to expand your shade options by placing shade umbrellas or canopies over benches and play equipment.

Give it a Name

Custom Playground Entryway

Another idea is to place the name of your park on a sign or arched entryway. This gives the playground a sense of identity and clearly marks the entrance point. This will allow you a place to dedicate the playground or in memory of, or even offer a visible place to hang branded signage, banners and other promotional materials. For example, is a special event being held at your park in the coming weeks?

Make sure your arched entryway flows with your playground’s theme. If you’re planning to build a natural playground, a wooden arch is a great choice, add some planters or a play sculpture that is both playful and art. If your playground is full of sensory items like music, water and play panels, an arch with bright and colorful musical notes, or gizmos and lots of textures will fit the bill! You can also use fabricated steel images on entrance panels for a whimsical look. The creative options are truly endless with the custom capabilities of CR Studio Design.

Add an Element of Art

Artistic Playground Entryway for Creative Playscape in Georgetown, TX

Over the last several decades, art is becoming a popular component of public parks and recreation centers. Entryways are the perfect place to bring the element of art to your park or playground space. It creates interest and a connection to the place. According to The Trust for Public Land, “Research shows that parks promote public health and revitalize local economies…they connect people to the great outdoors and to each other.” Personalizing parks by using artful elements can create a site that is meaningful, relevant and personal to the user as well as connecting the site to the community.

Make it Purposeful

Custom Branded Playground Entryway in Chattanooga, TN

A playground entryway does more than provide a transition space for kids to enter a world of imagination and play. It can also provide functional options such as the following:

  • Hand sanitizer stations
  • Stroller parking
  • Rules/Signage
  • Branding for sponsors and donors

Playground entryways can make a statement on any new or existing park or playground. The entryway for a state zoo project or exhibit will be much different from that of a neighborhood park playground project. Contact CR Studio Design to discuss your project for a custom entryway. We have the experience to handle all types of projects, and we’ll find a way to accomplish your vision according to your needs and budget.