Nov 11

Modern and Architectural Playground Structures

Modern and architectural playground structures are the latest trends in playground design. These types of playground structures take things to a new level by offering cubes, cuboids and curved forms that aren’t found in traditional playgrounds. If you’re looking for a unique design that will keep visitors engaged, modern play structures are the way to go!

Modern Playground Equipment

What are Modern Playground Structures?

Modern and architectural play structures are different from other playground designs in that they have straight lines, different shapes and functions and various materials like plastic, metal and wood. This allows for numerous possibilities such as tilted and stacked cubes, see-through panels and activities inside and outside of the equipment.

Consider that modular towers and cubes come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes. They can be stacked onto one another, creating different design options. Tunnels and slides can be attached to the cubes, or the tubes can be filled with nets, balancing balls and swings. The possibilities are truly endless!

Playground Design Architecture

What are the Benefits of Architectural Playgrounds?

Aside from the modern architectural look of these playground structures, there are many other features you’ll come to enjoy. Here are some of the reasons why more communities are asking for these playgrounds:

  • Space saving. Modern playgrounds don’t have to take up a lot of space. Their pieces are more compact compared to traditional playground equipment that we’re used to. You’re also able to stack the cubes, and add multiple levels of play activities making it ideal for urban public spaces.
  • Endless design possibilities. The custom capabilities with architectural playgrounds give you the freedom to design anything you want. Try GT Modern City or stacked cubes for a multi-level design, choose plastic or metal for your slides or place nets and poles inside the cubes. Build robust towers with a modern look or choose various themed options like a sea creature or spider.
  • Natural, seamless appearance. Want your playground to blend in with its natural surroundings? Opt for wooden play cubes accenting them in the of your choice. Or choose light colored plastics along with shiny metal. Mix and match types of materials with the available options within the Halo Cubic and Flora lines from Lappset.
  • Incorporating an element of art. Modern or architectural playgrounds allow for the possibilities of imagination in your design. Various product materials give landscape architects and playground designers the ability to turn playgrounds into works of art, or at least add elements of art into their project design. For example, a playground at a public library might look like a stack of books, or a children’s museum might have a tilted cube to create an adventure in balance.

Custom Playground Architecture

Design a Fascinating Modern or Architectural Playground Today

CR Studio Design has a wide selection of modern and architectural equipment product lines to help you achieve your client’s vision. Our manufacturers have some of the most innovative product lines using the highest quality materials to help you design and create unique and challenging play experiences. People young and old will love your creative play space designs and talk about it for years to come! Contact us today to discuss your next project.