Feb 15

Interactive Play and Sports Equipment for Outdoor Recreation Spaces

When you’re browsing for interactive play and sports equipment, nothing checks off as many boxes as Yalp Interactive Play products. This line of equipment appeals to a new generation by creating a link between digital and physical activity.

With Yalp, you can seamlessly integrate interactive play equipment into any recreation space, including playgrounds, sports complexes, college campuses and city centers. Let’s explore the five different types of interactive equipment offered by Yalp and where you might use each one.

Sutu Interactive Ball Wall

The Sutu ball wall lets kids kick a soccer ball at the wall and compete with friends. The wall features 16 illuminated LED panels that register where the ball hits. All games have different levels – beginner to advanced – allowing everyone to join in! The Sutu wall can also be used for sports like tennis, football and basketball. It’s a great addition to parks, sports complexes, athletic practice facilities and schools.

Sona Interactive Play and Dance Arch

A fan-favorite for all ages, the Sona dance arch challenges players with different games and dance moves. It provides an excellent workout without even realizing it! In fact, it’s 40 percent more intensive than basketball. This is great for families because everyone can engage in physical activity while listening to cool tunes.

The Yalp Sona Play and Dance Arch is a great option for municipal parks, children’s museums, schools, early learning centers and even senior centers. This is truly an inclusive intergenerational activity all ages and abilities can enjoy.

Fono Interactive DJ Booth

Preteens and teens still need safe spaces to hang out with friends, and the Fono DJ booth makes this possible. Made from a durable, high-quality construction, teens can play their favorite songs off their smartphones while interacting with each other in a positive space. This is the ONLY outdoor DJ booth in the world and it’s great for teen hangouts at parks, city centers, college campuses and retail shopping areas.

Memo Interactive Play Pillars

Similar to the Sona dance arch, the Memo play pillars are a wonderful way to upgrade a family fit zone or school playground. The Yalp Memo is the perfect solution for outdoor learning. With the MEMO, schools can combine learning (STEM) and outdoor play to engage students in physical activity. Learning made fun while encouraging physical activity.

There are seven pillars equipped with a 360-degree LED touchscreen that displays arcade-like effects, combining video games and outdoor play. It’s also easy to upload new games, ensuring the Memo play pillars never get boring!

Toro Interactive Sports Arena

The Toro sports arena is a great way to enforce tactical and physical training. This colorful, multipurpose sports field is compact and can fit seamlessly into most sports arenas. Players can run free and play tactically while enjoying LED panels and a smooth, safe surface.

Four interactive goals accommodate more users and provide more opportunities for scoring and building a player’s self confidence while participating in a team sport. The Toro works great for soccer and/or field hockey and is a great addition to any parks department, school, sports complex or rec center.

Shop for Interactive Play Equipment

If you want to add more interactive play and sports elements to your outdoor recreation space, you’ll find everything you need with Yalp interactive playground equipment. Pick one or several different play elements depending on your space. Your outdoor recreation facility will attract and challenge today’s generation by combining digital and real world play.