Jan 14

How to Design Appealing Modern Play Concepts

When designing modern play concepts for everyone to enjoy, it helps to think of a story you want to tell. This way, you can more easily attract and entertain visitors with your park’s bold personality, modern architecture and specific learning opportunities. Below you’ll find more information about creating modern playground equipment for your community to enjoy.

Incorporate Geometric Shapes

This trend is not something that most people think about when designing recreational play spaces. But if you’re looking to stand out with clean lines and modern architecture, cubes, diamonds and other geometric shapes are the way to go.

Play structures like dropzones, play towers, diamonds and cubes introduce different shapes and functions, allowing you to create numerous design and play possibilities. For inspiration on what your modern architectural playground can look like, the Lappset Halo Cubic and Halo Diamond are excellent examples.

When looking at these designs, you’ll notice cubes in various sizes and colors and familiar elements within the cubes such as balancing balls, tire swings, rope nets and entries to slides. These playgrounds offer so many new perspectives and possibilities, children and adults alike will want to keep returning!

Add Metal Elements

Another way to create a modern play space is by adding metal elements into your design. Metal works well for cubes, diamonds, and teardrops but this material is not limited to these areas only. Metal can also be used on tube slides, architectural elements, playful art and play structures. The possibilities are truly endless!

One of our favorite things about steel playgrounds is that you can let your imagination soar. Let your creativity soar with a theme or tell the communities heritage through a story of play, there is no need to limit your thinking to a specific layout. You can implement some of the most fascinating play spaces using a variety of components like landmarks, climbing nets, balancing elements and hang out spots.

Include Nets and Boulders

With linear or curved shapes and steel tube slides, you’re well on your way to creating an appealing modern playground design! The last things to incorporate in your forward-thinking play space are nets/ropes and boulders.

Boulders give your playground a natural look and feel while pairing well with metal accents. Nets can be used to help kids scale back and forth on the boulders, or they may be used separately on net climbers, net jumpers and other landmark play components. Together, nets and boulders offer movement, exercise and fun while helping kids improve their balance and stability.

Design Your Modern Play Concept Today

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