Feb 23

How to Choose the Right Design and Colors for Your Sport Courts Fields

Designing a sports court or field is a rewarding experience, but there are a few fundamentals to keep in mind. CR Studio Design takes great pride in helping our clients design state-of-the-art athletic fields and sports courts that are visually appealing, safe and functional.

To help your project push forward, we’ve included some tips and tricks for picking the right design and colors for your sports field. To discuss your project in more detail, contact our design team today.

Determine What’s Important for the User Base

The first thing to determine is what people will need to use the field safely. From asphalt to rubber, our sports field design team can help you choose a surfacing material that meets your needs. Popular options include synthetic turf, poured rubber, bonded rubber and asphalt.

Next, consider how athletes will be using the field. What type of equipment is required? Are you planning on adding accompanying facilities like bathrooms and parking? How often will the field be maintained? All of these factors make a difference in determining the overall layout, surfacing and equipment of the field.

Consider the Needs of Staff and Spectators

An athletic field must accommodate its players, but it should also consider the needs of its spectators and staff. By accounting for these additional users, you can create a space that is comfortable for everyone.

For sporting events that draw in large crowds, consider spectator seating like bleachers, grandstands and pressboxes. CR Studio Design can build seating to your exact specifications and requirements. Other factors to consider are convenient parking, clean locker rooms and ample lighting.

Choose Colors that Create Energy and Good Vibes

Color has a deep impact on humans and can affect sports performance and psychology. If you look at athletes’ uniforms, you’ll notice that they tend to create an energy using colors like green and red, orange and blue or purple and yellow. These colors keep things interesting and draw attention to the different teams.

Color matters just as much for your sports field design as well. If you’re working on a project for a college or university, they might want to include their mascot and team colors on the field. But, if you do have free reign to pick the colors, here are some great options to consider:

  • Orange represents motivation, enthusiasm and a positive attitude
  • Blue instills confidence, trust and stability
  • Green is a great color for health, stress relief and balance
  • Neon colors are bright and stimulating – they can add a touch of personality to your overall design

Start Your Sports Field Project Today

If you’re ready to start designing your state-of-the-art athletic field or sports court, contact CR Studio Design today. We have durable sports surfaces, various design concepts and customized turf with graphics and team logos. With us, you can build an athletic field that everyone will want to use regularly!