Jan 25

How Themed Playground Design Enhances Community Appeal

When working on a playground design for a client, they generally look for ideas and suggestions on how to make the playground appealing to more people. While there are many ways to do this – inclusive playground equipment, comfortable amenities, water play – one of the most effective approaches is to choose a theme.

Themed playgrounds tap into a child’s imagination and allow for hours of creative play. They’ll already have the backdrop for their role playing – all they have to do is start playing! Let’s look at the different ways that themed playground designs enhance community appeal so that you can help your client make an informed decision for their project.

Attract Visitors from All Over

A themed playground will certainly attract people from within the community. Kids will ask to go to the “firefighter playground” or “pirate ship playground” and their parents will know exactly where to take them. But it’s not just people from within the community that the park will appeal to but people from all over!

As news gets out on social media or through word of mouth that a community has a cool themed park, people from surrounding towns will want to check it out. Parents are always looking for fun, inexpensive activities to enjoy with their families, and a themed park is a win for everyone!

Encourage Families to Be Active Together

Another benefit of having a themed playground in a community is that it encourages families to get outdoors and be active together. This is good for the community as a whole because it improves residents’ mental and physical health and decreases the risk for childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes. Encouraging healthy active lifestyles begins early on and parks, playgrounds and greenspaces do just that!

Active communities are also more vibrant communities. As you walk or drive through the town, you’ll see people utilizing the bike and walking trails, kids playing at the park and residents socializing with each other. This forms tighter connections within the community, resulting in safer neighborhoods and lower crime rates.

Desire to Expand the Community

“Amenity migrants” are those who seek out places to live based on their amenities – attractive landscapes, favorable climates and interesting cultural influences. Many millennials are amenity migrants, choosing places to live based on their amenities rather than money.

With this in mind, imagine how a community can grow by having the right amenities in place. A community with a themed playground and vibrant, active residents is going to attract more young families, which will in turn help the local economy, housing market and public school system.

As you can see, there are many ways that a themed playground can enhance community appeal. Be sure to share these sentiments with your client – it will help them make the best decision for their upcoming project!