Mar 21

How Site Furnishings Can Enhance the Appeal of Your Playground or Park

When people think of playgrounds, they envision kids running around and playing on the equipment. But playgrounds have much more packed into them than this. While playground equipment gets the most attention, site furnishings are equally important to a beautiful, functional playground design. After all, if parents and guardians aren’t comfortable at the park, they probably won’t want to visit often.

Let’s learn more about site furnishings, what they are and how they can enhance the appeal of your playground.

What are Site Furnishings?

Site furnishings are outdoor furnishings that make spaces more comfortable for users, or in this case, the parents and caregivers of children playing at the park. These furnishings also promote socialization among visitors. They can be placed in parks and on the perimeter of playgrounds, as well as streets, plazas, courtyards and trails.

Here are a few examples of outdoor site furnishings:

  • Benches and chairs
  • Tables
  • Shade Structures
  • Park Shelters
  • Trash Receptacles
  • Bike racks
  • Planters
  • Bollards

How to Use Site Furnishings to Better Your Park

A good playground design offers fun and enjoyment for the whole family. How the area is furnished makes a big difference in how comfortable and relaxed families are. When a playground has adequate accommodations, people in the community are more likely to visit frequently, improving community satisfaction and stability.

Here are some tips for using site furnishings to boost your space:

  • Socialization. Bringing people together is important. Consider creating opportunities for people to meet one another and socialize. This can be achieved with proper placement and positioning of your seating.
  • Orientation and proximity. People like to sit facing open spaces rather than having their backs to them. This also makes it easier to keep an eye on small children. Also, furnishings should be strategically placed around your playground so visitors are never far from comfort.
  • Audience. Your furnishings should meet your audience’s needs. Who will be using your park? What types of accommodations should you make? Families with children and pets need safe, open spaces. Active adults require designated routes. And business people appreciate clean seating and smooth surfaces for laptops and coffee.
  • Environmental. There are climate and environmental considerations to make as well. For example, consider the local sun patterns, tall buildings and wind gust patterns. Be sure to choose comfortable areas to install your furnishings.

Select Site Furnishings for Your Playground or Park

The proper site furnishings will enhance your playground and make it more attractive for kids and adults. Choosing the right style of site furnishings is important to add both function and curb appeal to your park. To discuss the best furnishings for your upcoming park or playground project, contact CR Studio Design today. We’ll be happy to discuss the furnishings we offer – benches, tables, trash receptacles, planters, bollards, bike racks and storage – and how they can take your project design to the next level.