Aug 09

Design Tips for Streetscapes and Outdoor Gathering Spaces

When someone wants to explore a city, where do they go to wander? The streets! Streets are a crucial city element that represent the life and culture of a particular area. Not only do streets provide access to places, but also they are used by pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles and more. For these reasons, it’s important for architects and designers to create streets that provide liveable experiences.

As you create public recreation spaces for your clients, you cannot overlook streetscapes and outdoor gathering spaces. Your streetscape design should be aesthetically pleasing while also offering a sense of belonging. Below are some of the design elements that should be included in your streetscape design.


You have many options for park site amenities, and the first to consider is seating. As people walk the streets, they’ll need places to sit to take a break and enjoy the scenery. CR Studio Design offers a wide range of benches to support your streetscape. Our benches are available in various styles, colors and materials, featuring arm rests, comfortable backs and slat designs that prevent moisture buildup. Coordinating planters and ash urns are also available to complete your seating areas.


Aside from benches, you may also want to include tables and chairs in your recreational space design. One table can accommodate multiple people, and it makes a great meeting space for morning coffee or afternoon lunch. We highly recommend installing tables and chairs if there are nearby restaurants or coffee shops, as this will allow people to unwind and stay a while. Umbrellas can be added to outdoor tables, or other shade options are available for added guest comfort. Depending on the look and feel of your design, there are various table as well as shade choices to create just vibe.

Trash Receptacles

To keep your streetscape clean and safe, you’ll want to include trash receptacles in your design. Put them in accessible places near your seating areas so that people can easily throw away their trash. However, you don’t want the cans too close, otherwise people will smell garbage while they’re eating or relaxing!

Leaning Rails

Leaning rails are a great option when you want to provide a rest stop without taking up much space. Leaning rails are smaller and more compact than benches, and they encourage people to keep moving. However, they provide a safe space for people to stop, take a quick break and enjoy the outdoors without stopping for an extended period of time.

Post Bollards

Safety bollards are simple steel posts that create a protective or architectural perimeter. You can use them to guide traffic and mark boundaries, keeping people and property safe. The different types of bollards include:

  • Traffic line or street bollards
  • Pedestrian bollards
  • Bike line separation
  • Security bollards
  • Bicycle parking
  • Asset protection

Bike Racks

We’re going to wrap up with bike racks, which every streetscape must have! As more communities engage in healthier living, biking and cycling are becoming more popular. Not only do they support an active lifestyle, but they also make our communities greener and more sustainable.

Show the community that you support bike riding by offering accessible bike parking. Bike racks provide a safe space for people to secure their bikes and enjoy the local area. Ask us about the different styles of bicycle racks we have, including wave style, U-style, grid style, bollard style, bike docks and even custom designs. Add graphics or the municipality’s logo to a variety of styles.

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CR Studio Design can help you create a beautiful, functional streetscape that the whole community will love! Contact our team today to discuss your vision for a vibrant, active streetscape that will reflect the local culture and values of the community.