Aug 24

Connecting Communities with Playful Pathways

As more communities look to establish stronger ties with their residents and surrounding areas, pathways and trails are becoming more popular. These pathways connect families to a variety of outdoor experiences. These pathways and trails can become playful active outdoor experiences for the entire family to enjoy.

Let’s learn more about how to use playful pathways as a design concept for connecting communities and building stronger ties.

What are Playful Pathways?

Community Master Plan - Playful Pathway Design

Playful pathways are exactly as they sound! They’re pathways or walking and biking trails that include playful elements along the way. Play activities may be grouped by a nature-inspired theme, such as ants, trees, rocks and bees. As families walk along the trail or ride bicycles, they can interact with these small pockets of play while promoting physical activity and fun.

Not only does each pocket offer something new and engaging, but it can also include educational signage with fun facts and activities related that particular ecosystem, insect or element of a particular theme. This sparks great conversation between kids and parents and gives children and adults more opportunities to learn and enjoy nature. Thus, becoming better stewards of the world around them—all while, families are spending time outdoors together.

What Types of Activities Can a Playful Path Include?

When you work with CR Studio Design, you’ll have plenty of options for infusing play into your pathway. Here are some examples of what previous clients have done in the past!

  • Tree climbers, log crawls, rocks and more.
    Custom Playground Equipment - Tree Climbers
    Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) tree stumps or mushrooms enhance the natural surroundings while giving kids a place to sit or climb. Same concept using GFRC components like boulders, log crawl throughs, fallen log balance beam or stepping pods. They are durable and look and feel just like the real thing. Other options using budget friendly materials would include conifer tree climbers, sprout climbers allowing children to climb to varying heights.
  • Animal tracks and graphics in surfacing.
    Commercial Playground Design - Poured in Place Hopscotch
    Various animal footprints in the paths surfacing can give kids a sense of purpose as they enter a playful trail. They can follow the different tracks which will lead to different pockets of play with educational signage and opportunities for learning along the way. Games like hopscotch, or shapes can also be added to the safety surfacing for added play value as well as a place to rest along the trail.
  • Insects, flora and fauna.
    Interactive Playground Equipment Along Pathway
    Whether it’s a spinning leaf seat, vine climber, a spider net or a butterfly climber, kids will love finding these playful pockets where they are able to spin, climb and interact learning fun facts about nature and the world around them. GT PlayTrails has several play pocket products that work perfect for trails and pathways.

Design Your Own Playful Pathway with CR Studio Design

If you’re interested in adding a playful pathway between communities or to your custom playground design, CR Studio Design can help. It doesn’t matter if you are working on a masterplan for your clients’ municipality, park district or connecting green spaces between communities, your clients’ priorities are our number one goal. We are here to assist you get the right products and design concepts to impress your clients. To discuss your playful pathway project, or custom playground contact our design team today.