Jul 12

Amenities Needed for Sports Complexes and Athletic Fields

When planning for a state-of-the-art sports field design, there are many factors you’ll have to take into account. Including the right features will make your sports complex popular within the community while also promoting healthy and active lifestyles.

Whether this is your first community sports complex or your hundredth, athletic facilities are always growing and evolving. You must consider everyone’s needs – spectators, players and members. This encompasses a multitude of products and specifications. CR Studio Design can help landscape architects with the various products needed to complete their client’s design.

Here are the amenities CR Design Studio can help you with for sports complexes. With these features, organizations, teams and families will all benefit from your custom athletic field design.

Bleachers and Grandstands

Grandstand Bleachers for Athletic Sports Field

Spectators need comfortable, spacious seating areas when watching their favorite teams play. With CR Studio Design, you can tailor your seating to meet your client’s needs, whether they’re requesting a certain seating capacity, spacing or views.

There are a couple of different ways to add seating to your sports complex. Bleachers accommodate plenty of fans and are available in a variety of heights, lengths and treads. Tip-N-Roll, portable, ADA accessible—we can provide you with the appropriate solution for your client’s needs. If you’re looking for something bigger, ask about our permanent grandstands that can be built to your exact specifications.

Press Boxes

Press boxes  go along with grandstands – and every high school, college campus and sports complex can benefit from one! Press boxes provide excellent shelter so that announcers and local press members can do their jobs with ease.

CR Studio Design can work with you to custom design a press box for your client’s sports field. Our press boxes feature various interior finishes and optional add-ons like security shutters, camera decks, sliding windows, interior lighting and more.

Shade Structures

Shade is another important aspect for outdoor sports complexes, though it’s often limited. Be the change – take your sports field design to the next level by offering various shade options. Visitors and spectators will surely appreciate this on days when it’s rainy or hot. We recommend installing shade structures over spectator bleachers, players dugout seating and concession areas with picnic tables.

Turf Fields

Turf Field Logo Design

Turf fields are multi-purpose because they can be used for a variety of sports like soccer, football and track. CR Studio Design can assist landscape architects is finding the right turf solution for your client’s field. Of course, there are different colors and lengths, and you can also add a custom design or logo to represent the community or sports team!

If your client is on the fence about turf, remind them that this material is accessible, safe and versatile. It’s the perfect fit for overused fields and it can save millions of gallons of water each year. The extra funding needed for turf is well worth it!

We Can Help with Your Client’s Athletic Field Design Today

Athletic fields and sports courts provide communities with safe spaces to watch and practice sports. They’re an excellent investment that provide long-term returns. CR Studio Design can help you get the ball rolling for your next sports field project. Contact us today so we can help you start planning your client’s project.