Jun 22

4 Ways to Use Water in Your Play and Recreation Spaces

Kids love getting wet in the summertime – and who can blame them? There’s nothing better than cooling off on a hot summer day with a dip in the pool or a run through the sprinkler. However, with fewer public swimming pools and the expenses that go along with running a sprinkler or filling up a baby pool every day, many families are looking for other ways to cool off with their kids.

So what’s the alternative? Playgrounds with water features!

Below are four ways that you can incorporate water into your play and recreation spaces. Your community will appreciate a safe and interactive place to gather and play in the summertime with water play equipment!

1. Splash Pads and Spraygrounds

Splash Pad

Splash pads are a wonderful addition to any community. They provide interactive water play for the entire family, but they are cleaner and safer because they don’t have standing water. Splash pads and spraygrounds are zero depth entry. Kids love blasting the water cannons and waiting in anticipation for the buckets to dump. You can choose a theme for your splash pad and incorporate a large structure like a pirate ship or fire engine. Then using smaller related features to complete the overall theme.

2. Water Parks

If you want something more advanced than a basic splash pad or sprayground, opt for full-scale water park. You can incorporate things like water slides, lazy rivers, wave pools and water park equipment with multiple areas. These parks will keep kids busy for hours – and they’ll invite people from neighboring communities to support your local economy.

3. Bubblers and Misters

Water Play Bubblers at Park
Bubblers, misters and sprayers are a more budget-friendly way to incorporate water into your public playground design. These water features are a big hit with younger kids and are the perfect addition to a young community. Kids can cool down by playing in the water features that bubble, mist, gush or jump out from the ground. And with no standing water, parents can sit back, relax and enjoy this time.

4. Fountains

Park Fountain Design

Fountains serve a similar purpose as spray features because kids can jump through the water and get as wet as they’d like. The difference is that fountains have a more attractive appeal and can be used in gathering spaces, city centers, town squares and other entertainment spots. CR Studio Design can take fountains to the next level by adding colored lighting or having them move to music.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate water into your commercial playgrounds, public green spaces and other outdoor recreation spaces. Parents will appreciate the aesthetics while kids keep cool and engage in sensory play. Connect with CR Studio Design to explore water play concepts in your park or playground designs.