Dec 10

5 Reasons Why Family Fit Zones Encourage Multigenerational Play and Fitness

Family Fit Zones are multigenerational destination fitness parks that offer the entire family a place to play, exercise and build memories. It doesn’t matter if you’re 2 or 62, these family-friendly parks offer a variety of activities for people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels. They include traditional play and fitness equipment, Yalp interactive play and sports equipment and GameTime Challenge Course. They are inclusive and promote community health and wellness.

Family Fit Zones are the latest trend in destination parks. Combining traditional play and fitness equipment with Yalp Interactive components and GameTime Challenge Course creates a unique destination park where the entire family can participate in a variety of physical activities or just relax and enjoy the outdoors. Family Fit Zone design strategies provide opportunities for children and adults to interact in a meaningful way through play and fitness.

What does a Family Fit Zone design look like?

1. Includes Traditional Play Equipment

A playground offers a unique exercise experience for children and adults alike. They can play and be physically active without even knowing they are exercising. Children need at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day. Accompanying children to park can be fun and beneficial for adults too.

Today outdoor commercial playground equipment is sturdy and durable enough even for adults to join in the fun. Whether it’s a GT Expression Swing made for adults and children to swing face-to-face, wider slides or ergonomic monkey bars, people will feel like they’re playing and not working out. This gets adults moving and burning calories right alongside their kids or grandkids.

2. Includes Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Studies show that adults who exercise outdoors, and children who play outdoors, are active more often and for longer periods of time. By combining outdoor fitness equipment for adults, with a playground that is designed to keep children moving, communities can help people of all ages achieve their health and wellness goals.

Outdoor fitness stations can be placed along the perimeter of the playground in clusters or add a GameTime THRIVE® fitness structure to your Family Fit Zone design. THRIVE® fitness systems accommodate multiple users at once, providing a wide range of personal or group training options. With a small footprint, low cost of entry and a wide range of exercise options, THRIVE® removes barriers to high-quality functional fitness and creates connections between people of all social backgrounds throughout the community.

3. Includes GT Challenge Course

GameTime Challenge Course® is a combination of ninja and pro sports timed obstacle course activities with a 40-yard dash. Challenge Course comes in two preconfigured designs; the Pro series is designed for ages 13 and up, and it’s the perfect way for teens and adults to enjoy a fun social fitness experience, and the Youth series is designed to meet playground standards for children ages 5 to 12 and is the same obstacles as the Pros just on a smaller scale. With the addition of the mobile phone app and the professional timing systems, it’s a social and competitive experience for the entire community.

GameTime Challenge Course® is an innovative solution for fitness enthusiasts, as well as a fun way to get families to exercise together and develop healthy lifestyle habits. Users can challenge friends and family or challenge themselves to achieve their personal fitness goals. Add this to your Family Fit Zone design to leverage the benefits of outdoor exercise in an exciting way that encourages people to come back time and time again.

4. Includes Yalp Interactive Play & Sports Equipment

First, let’s discuss what is interactive play. Interactive play is where the digital and physical worlds around us meet. In short, it is “real-life gaming.” The electronic video game portion brings challenge, problem solving and a continued renewal of game options to play. The physical portion brings benefits such as exercise, social interaction, teamwork and experiencing the outdoors in a healthy manner.

The Yalp Sona is an interactive dance and play arch. It is an audio-guided play space, especially designed for outdoor use. Games are played by motion and encourage physical activity, learning and socialization. It provides an awesome workout – 40% more intensive than competitive basketball.

The Yalp Sutu is an interactive soccer wall containing impact-sensitive panels which measure and react to ball impact. Vivid LED lights and audio speakers give players feedback and encouragement on their performance. The added mobile app encourages friendly competition among friends, classes and schools. It’s fun for all ages and ability levels, not just avid sports fans.

Park districts can also track the play statistics—like what games are played the most, how long the equipment was in use, and when it was used. Games can be changed and updated regularly to keep continued interest and challenge for the user. Interactive products provide all users of varying abilities the opportunity to stay fit and be physically active. The versatility of Yalp interactive products makes them one of the most popular multigenerational play activities.

Yalp interactive equipment is designed to be durable, accessible and inclusive for people of all ages and abilities. Depending on the overall size of your Family Fit Zone, you can easily incorporate one or two of these products into your design. The Sona dance arch, the Sutu soccer wall and the Toro sports field are the three most popular Yalp additions for a Family Fit Zone design.

5. Includes Shade & Site Furnishings

Combining a variety of interactive inclusive multigenerational play and fitness equipment isn’t enough. To make park guests comfortable and your park functional as a destination, you must provide site furnishings and amenities including shade. Caregivers and grandparents can take a break and rest allowing the entire family to stay for extended periods of time.

If you have a community that would benefit from a Family Fit Zone design or multigenerational destination park, contact CR Studio Design. Make your next park design an inclusive multigenerational play and fitness destination. Not only will your community have a place to play and exercise but also a place for families to build memories, strengthen bonds and live healthier lifestyles.